Procedure for reporting Safeguarding concerns

To be read in conjunction with Canoe England "Reporting Guide for Concerns within Paddlesport"

If the child needs immediate attention, call an ambulance and inform the doctor that there is a possible child protection concern.

          1. Report the concern to the club's Welfare Officer: Andy Darvill, 07903 192027 ( if unavailable please email

     Welfare Officer action:

          2. Complete the club's (ie British Canoeing's) "Recording Concerns Report Form" and check with the person who reported the concern that the

             report form is an accurate description of the concern raised. Ensuring that information is kept confidential, informing only the appropriate

             people, for example, the club chairman.

          3. If it appears that no child has suffered or is at risk of Significant Harm, Abuse or Neglect, take action within the club as appropriate (for example

             alleged minor poor practice: see section 6 below and British Canoeing's Reporting Guide).

          4. If it appears that a child has suffered or is at risk of Significant Harm, Abuse or Neglect: Report to the British Canoeing Safeguarding Lead:

             Urvasi Naidoo 0115 8968842.

          5. Where there are urgent concerns and British Canoeing Safeguarding Lead is unavailable, refer to Children's Social Care Services or Police:

                - Leicestershire County Council First Response Team and Out of Hours: 0116 3050005 (24 hours)

                - Police 999 for emergency, otherwise 101.

             Copy report form to the person contacted and to British Canoeing Safeguarding Lead within 20 hours.

          6. Possible further outcomes depending on whether the circumstances are viewed as:

             "Alleged minor poor practice"


                 - Complaints Procedure

                 - Disciplinary Process

                 - No further action

                 - No case to answer

                 - Complaint resolved with agreement between parties

                 - Training/Mentoring agreed

                 - More significant concerns emerged (refer back to British Canoeing)

             "Serious poor practice"

                 - Child protection investigation

                 - Criminal investigation/proceedings

                 - Investigation under disciplinary proceedings, including possible temporary suspension

                 - No case to answer

                 - Less serious: refer to complaint procedure

                 - Disciplinary hearing - sanctions

                 - Civil proceedings