HWAC GDPR Advisory Notice

We are writing to advise you of recent changes in regards to personal data management with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), coming in to force as of the 25th May, 2018

HWAC takes the privacy of its members very seriously and is in the process of generating a simple privacy policy to outline how your data provided either as part of the registration form, or normal club activities is and will be used. This privacy policy will be aligned to our existing safeguarding guidelines and be posted on our website when complete.

There will be no changes in the way we currently use your information. Any usage is purely for club events, for general club contact, safety/emergency, and the use of any images taken from club nights for promoting the club.

We do not store your information on the internet, and have a restricted and protected listing retained by the group treasurer.

The annual membership registration for 2019 will be amended to include a consent section.

As there is no proposed change in data usage, this note is purely advisory for 2018, and we assume consent to continue with using existing data provided as outlined above as part of the 2018 registration, but we do please ask that you advise us of any concerns you may have in regards to this.

Many thanks in advance for your continued membership