Canoeing - Operating Procedures

Instructors Responsibilities


As an instructor you are directly responsible for the safety and quality of the experience you provide for your group. In particular you will: –


  • Have the minimum qualification as stated for the activity you undertake.


  • Be proficient and current in first aid and the use of the HWATC reporting procedures.


  • Be aware of the weather forecast and its potential implications on your session. If thunder storms are present, the session should be postponed until it passes. If a storm begins during the session, a place of safety off the water should be found until it has passed.


  • Provide appropriate briefings and instructions to your group to ensure a and experience.


  • Ensure participants are wearing appropriate clothing for the activity being undertaken.


  • Provide adequate and appropriate equipment for your activity, ensure that it fits correctly and check Personal Protective Equipment before and after use.  If any defects are found the item should be removed from service and marked in the maintenance/fault book.  Please inform the lead coach /chair person


  • Ensure awareness and an understanding of the club safeguarding policies

Canoeing Inland Sheltered Waters

Location – HWATC Lake and Ashby Canal



Typical sessions will take place around the lake or canal. Level 1 Coaches may only work within 150 metres of the slipway unless under the support of a Level 2 or higher coach.



12:1 Open Canoes tandem & Rafted.  10:1 Kayaks


These ratios are an upper limit; for some groups with extra needs a lower ratio is appropriate and will be staffed as such.



Minimum of BCU / UKCC Level 2 Coach or Level 1 Coach with site specific training.

General Guidance


Activity to begin with kit issue and instructions on fitting.


Instructor will assess the appropriateness of clothing and footwear of group members and offer alternatives if needed.


Safety Briefing will be given to the group.


Non-swimmers will be known to instructor before going on to the water.


The group should be managed in such a way as to maintain contact with all in the group at all times.


If a journey is intended, water & disinfecting hand gel should be carried for hand washing purposes, if a meal stop is anticipated.